Musical Courses


Theory I-IV

Theoretical Analysis

Sight Singing I-IV

Aural Training I-IV

Vocal Anatomy and Pedagogy

Latin & German Diction

French & Italian Diction

Russian Diction

Introduction to Music History

History of Music I (Early Music through the Renaissance)

History of Music II (Baroque through the Post Modernism)

Survey of Song Literature

Introduction to Operatic Literature

Group Piano I-III

Conducting I-II

2 Semesters Piano beyond Proficiency

9 Semesters Applied Vocal instruction(3 at upper level)

14 Semester credits of Vocal Ensembles

Senior Vocal Recital


Graduate (Masters of Music)

4 Semesters Graduate Voice Performance Seminar

4 Semesters Vocal Coaching

4 Semesters Graduate Level Applied Vocal instruction

2 Semesters Opera Ensemble

Melopoetics(Musical Narratography)

Survey: Gustav Mahler

Survey: Robert Schumann

Performance Practice: 1600-1800

Business Topics for the Professional Singer

Graduate Performance Recital

Graduate Comprehensive Review*


*Review Materials available upon request


Education Courses

Schools & American Society

Dynamics of Human Development

Human Development: Learning and Motivation

Human Relations

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

Choral Music Methods

Elementary Music Methods

Introduction to Music Education

Instrumental Methods for the Choral Educator

Guitar in the Classroom

1 Semester Piano for the Classroom Educator

Level II Field Experience in General Music Education

Level III Field Experience in K-12 Music Education