My Philosophy

My philosophy of singing is married to proper understanding of anatomy.  As a student of Dr. Jean McDonald, and Mr. Richard Stilwell, the primary focus in my own training was achieving a command of technical aspects of singing through a mastery of vocal diction in several languages, and then use that knowledge to make artistic decisions to build a message and communicate with others through music.  Therefore, my philosophy has become;


My strategy for any student is to help them become aware of the martial nature of vocal training, and how using your voice with presence can more effectively communicate your ideas.  For the beginning student, awareness of the voice's idiosyncrasies and instilling good vocal habits is key.

For the committed opera enthusiast and technician, I am interested in assisting with the process of role examination and preparation, as well as dramatic interpretation of musical literature.   As an experienced professional in both the Baritone and Tenor Fach, male voices across the vocal range are of particular specialty.

Booking private lessons, and rates

Private instruction can be arranged by e-mail through the contact form, or at  You can alternatively reach me by phone in in the United States at (319)559-1248, or from abroad by calling +1 872-216-3059


A 24 Hour cancellation policy applies. 


*Accompanied lessons must be arranged with 48hours notice, to arrange the pianist